Happy Birthday Meg

Happy 7th Birthday

Today Meg is in Florida with her Dad and Grandparents celebrating her birthday. I miss her more than anything. It’s hard being apart from her on this day. There are so many memories of this day. It was a miracle for me. I had prayed for her for years. When I found out I was having her, I felt like she was a gift from God.

On the day she was born my life was forever changed! I have never been so in love with someone in my life, and I doubt I will ever be again. She was just this quiet little creature entering the world, who had this unimaginable affect on me. All that I had been through, all that I had done was a small accomplishment compared to bringing her into my life.

Today she flourishes. She is such a loving and open-hearted little girl. She embraces everything she does with such gusto and passion. She can still be quite cautious at times. Treading carefully along new paths. She makes me laugh all the time. She has such a good sense of humor and is always telling us jokes. She dances around the room practicing arabesques and porte bras. She sings songs of princesses and writes wonderful stories. She is always giving us kisses and hugs and telling us how much she loves us several times a day. How could I get so lucky?

I thank God for her! She is so amazing to me and she fills me with hope and love everyday.

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I went on a tear this weekend making badges for the Gaming Website I’m a part of:





I like them better on a dark background.

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