Post #10

These are my favorite pictures…




Obviously I am in love with the subject in these photos, but I also like the composition on the pictures. I’m so happy they turned out.

Post #9


She is about to take her first step on the hill…


She moves very carefully and deliberately…


Then she is sprinting off joyfully and without abandon…


Post #8

Today was picture retake day at school. Meg missed the first picture day, because she was sick. I was so glad we had another opportunity to have her school photo done.

I contemplated what she should wear for her Kindergarten school photo. When they start going to what feels like a real school (as opposed to Preschool) you begin to wonder how they ought to look. It brought back memories of my own childhood and what I looked like in all those school pictures. You know you will look dated and goofy, but your parents well-meaning as they were, dressed you in what seemed to be a nice outfit (at the time).

I decided that she is still five and young enough, looking somewhere between my little baby and my very young lady, that I could put her in a cute little dress. Trying to be fiscally responsible, this dress would also be suitable for Christmas this year. If she happens to grow out of it, I may be forced to get another dress. Okay, who are we kidding? Christmas is around the corner lol. The dress will still fit.

When we got home I took these pictures of her…


There’s just a sweet innocence in this picture that I love. I don’t know if it’s the little white sweater, but there is something…