Cat Picture

Emily said: “That’s just wrong.”

Tony said: “Poor cat…lol”

Stephanie said: “That is awesome!” (I think she was referring to the cat lol)

Then Stephanie said: “Happy Caturday”

Frankie said: Hahahaha!!!! When I first saw the thumbnail, I thought you guys found some Baird goggles and put them on the cat. That’s a really funny pic.

Then Frankie said: Ummmm is that an engagement ring?

Hal said: “LOL nice.”

Summer Fun

Happy times. I’m just grateful that we are able to have this and that Meg gets to enjoy it!

Aunt Mary Annie’s Birthday

January 15th, 2012


Good Eats

Grandma Joan & Bing…

Grandma Joan and Bing


Sock Monkies

The Timeline Emily made…

Timeline 1

Timeline 3

Timeline 2

Mary Annie’s school days…

Wall of Memories

Party's Here

The birthday girl arrives with her escorts…

Birthday Girl Arrives

The princess escorts: Megan & Makenzie…

Princess Escorts

Aunt Jane, Uncle Mike and company…


The Birthday Present from the family…


Bing, Leigh, Emily, Chris, Mike, Lori, Tim, Sonny

Mary Annie, Joan,

Drew, Makenzie, Megan

The Family

Emily, Mike

Mary Annie, Joan

The Harpers

Post #41

I like these pics, so I thought I would post them.

Chris 001

Chris 002

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