Easter Bunny

Megan went to see the Easter Bunny this weekend with her Dad and Danielle.

Easter Bunny 041711

Happy Birthday Janice!

Janice Edwards

Janice has been my friend since we were in grade four. She is practically a sister to me, and her mother is like a second mom. If I had list all her accomplishments, it would probably fill my blog with infinite pages! She is not only talented, she is incredibly intelligent, witty, and beautiful. Today I want to wish her a wonderful birthday!

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Meet the newest member of our family: Nibbles

We got Meg a hamster for her 7th birthday. Her name is Nibbles. She’s a Fancy European Black Bear Hamster and reminds me of a Calico. She’s very cute. She eats lots. She plays lots. She’s still getting used to us. She really loves her Hamster Ball.

Nibbles 001

Getting to know her owner…

Nibbles 002

Nibbles 003

Nibbles 005

Nibbles 004