The egg in the fridge

A Friend

This makes me laugh…but sometimes that’s just how it is.

If friendship is a two way street, why do I feel like I’m on a one way road? So what if you tell me you’re a selfish jerk? Don’t I know you by now? That’s not an excuse for being one.

Then when the opportunity arises to make better, it’s just as if it doesn’t matter…why bother, right?

Sometimes I wonder. Why do I bother? Really? Seriously, lol. It’s so ridiculous! Sometimes you’re just going to feel used. No way around it. We’ve all been there many times.

Someone once told me that if you’re not right in front of their face, they don’t think about you for even a second. Some people are just like that. Sad, but true and wise. Then there are times that you’re right there in front of them and you might as well be invisible!

So my friend, I understand how you feel! I really do. I could tell you that tomorrow is another day and things will be better, but I can’t promise it. Know you are loved. At least by me.

Meet the newest member of our family: Nibbles

We got Meg a hamster for her 7th birthday. Her name is Nibbles. She’s a Fancy European Black Bear Hamster and reminds me of a Calico. She’s very cute. She eats lots. She plays lots. She’s still getting used to us. She really loves her Hamster Ball.

Nibbles 001

Getting to know her owner…

Nibbles 002

Nibbles 003

Nibbles 005

Nibbles 004

Post #60

One of the best things about living here is that we’re surrounded by nature. There’s a sheep farmer/brain surgeon who lives across the road. We get to watch and hear the sheep everyday. We have our share of deer that graze in our backyard. Wild turkey and turkey vultures visit. During the summer a fox travels through.

Right now our favorite thing is watching the birds. We transformed our swingset into a giant birdfeeder holder. We have three birdfeeders hanging from it, two more hanging from a shepherd’s hook and then two more on the hill for those who prefer some privacy.

These are pictures of some birds fighting over the suet.




They are quite competative…


This is a picture that Chris took…


Post #56

Meg went on a field trip recently and I was able to attend as I have been commissioned to produce this years Yearbook for her school. I was tasked to take pictures and decided I would produce this little video with them.

Fall Field Trip from Lemin Pi on Vimeo.