Post #7

We really did have a lot of fun. There are a few more photos in the gallery, if you want a looksee.


Chris is quite a talented photographer and when you are the creative type, it really helps to have someone who can take excellent pictures of your art work!

Post #6

My obviously very talented friend created this masterpiece!


Post #5

It’s amazing how a five year old can say, “Mommy, let’s carve pumpkins!” and it really translates to, “Mommy, you carve the pumpkins and I’ll watch, because I don’t want to touch that yucky, sappy, pumpkin.”  lol

So my little punkin chose her design and I did the rest.  Hers is the scary one in the middle.

Post #4

I finally carved my very first pumpkin! Yes, it’s hard to believe I’ve never done it before, but it’s true.

We went to pick our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch after school. It was quite an adventure. Especially when Meg fell and scraped her knee. A traumatic event indeed. Fortunately we survived after some Neosporin and a big bandaid.

After some image googling, I found exactly what I wanted. “It’s so me!” I said with a grin on my face. Then I was off to begin the painstakingly labourious process. I was grateful for my ever patient, helpful and sweet friend who provided me with assistance in removing the goop and yuckiness inside the pumpkin. So began the carving, and here is the final result.


Post #3

I don’t know why I thought I would miss Fall this year. It just seems that every year goes by and I turn to see the changing leaves and somehow I have missed them. This year I have found myself in awe of the beautiful colors.

On the drive to school or just running errands, I have had an opportunity to revel in the splendor of the golden leaves dancing along side the reds and bright oranges. It helps that I now live in a very rural area and when I wake up in the morning all I can see are trees, hills and a pasture usually blanketed with playful sheep.

Between the Autumn leaves and pale blue sky, I have enjoyed the canvas before me and on days when I sometimes feel completely worn it has made me take a deep breath and smile. I feel lucky to see it this year.