Post #45

We started a garden on Earth Day and while it’s rather small, it’s still quite satisfying to watch everything grow.

Garden 001

This is the first time we’re growing bell peppers. They are doing quite well.

Garden 003

The cucumbers are going crazy as usual.

Garden 002

We’re also growing carrots for the first time. It’ll be fun unearthing them.

Garden 004

My favorite this year are definitely the garlic. They grew in quite quickly and I think they are having an affair with the cucumbers.

Garden 005

Post #44

Janice and Melody in February 2010 001Here is a picture of Janice and I from February 2010. We were quite honored to be present during her swearing in ceremony after she passed the New York Bar!

Post #43

I have known Stephanie since my days in Vancouver. We met while singing together in a Gospel Choir and she soon became one of my dearest friends. She has always been sweet, supportive, loving, and in many ways a spiritual guide for me. It was her birthday on June 21st, and I wanted to post some pictures of her. Paint Shop Pro allows you to do pretty cool things…

Stephanie 0002

Stephanie 0001

Post #42

Today Meg’s Kindergarten Class had their first real lunch in the cafeteria. It was a rehearsal for what they will be doing in September for First Grade. She had the option to buy her lunch, which would have been chicken nuggets. I was surprised to find out she was not at all interested in it, and instead wanted to pack her own lunch. Needless to say my child would have a Hello Kitty lunch bag and thermos, because anything else would simply not suffice.

Hello Kitty Lunch

I allowed her to choose her very first school lunch, and she chose a peanut butter and honey sandwich, some Goldfish crackers, some Mini Crunch Bars, and milk. It was quite an exciting day. She kept refering to lunch in the cafeteria as a picnic. 🙂