Headboard Project

This is how I made my headboard



Here I am leaving Home Depot with a really nice piece of plywood.

This is my "up to no good look"

This is my “up to no good look”



I bought batting and lay it over the plywood. Then I glued it down to the wood using spray glue.

I'm gluing on the batting to the plywood with spray adhesive.



I bought fabric and a foam mattress pad. For my headboard I bought a foam mattress pad for a queen size bed.

Foam and Fabric



I laid the wood with the batting glued down to it on top of my foam mattress pad and fabric.

The layers from top to bottom: Wood, Batting, Foam Mattress Pad, Fabric.

The bottom layer is the fabric turned the wrong way. Then the foam mattress pad and the wood with the batting glued on.



I stapled the foam, and batting to the wood. Then I stapled the fabric to the wood.

Then I stapled all the layers onto the wood.


Here is a picture of all the layers intact and stapled to the wood.


It doesn’t need fabric on the back as it will be against the wall.


Here is the finished product.

A picture of it with the bed will follow as soon as everything is put together.

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