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Not Thanksgiving Dinner

I went to the grocery store on Monday, and on a whim I wanted to get some turkey and have a nice turkey dinner. I was thinking of getting a turkey breast, but all I could find was a honey brine turkey breast for $20. As I looked, I found a 12 lb whole fresh turkey for $15. It just seemed silly to buy the breast for more than a whole turkey would cost. That’s when it dawned upon me. So what if it’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas? That doesn’t preclude us from having a lovely turkey dinner with all the fixings.


As a result, tonight we had a NOT THANKSGIVING DINNER. During dinner we went around the table to say what we are NOT thankful for.

Chris was not thankful that he has to work tomorrow. Megan was not thankful that she had to go to school tomorrow. I was not thankful that I had to clean up after the NOT THANKSGIVING DINNER.  If we are going to be silly, we might as well be as silly as possible, right?



As you can see, the turkey turned out to be delish! Chris used an Oven Bag and it only took two hours to cook the whole thing. It was so juicy and tender. If you have not had a chance to use these bags, try them out. They are well worth it and very easy!

Oven Bags

Meg loved the turkey and mashed potatoes…


I’m so glad we had this dinner, and now I’m looking forward to turkey, cranberry and cheese sandwiches!

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I like these pics, so I thought I would post them.

Chris 001

Chris 002

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Some months ago Chris and I had an opportunity to see a taping of The View. Here are some photos we were able to take.

The View Stage
We had seats in the second row, so we were relatively close the entire time. It was also a very busy area with cameras and crew constantly moving around in front of us.

Between tapes the ladies took turns talking to the audience and answering questions. Here Elizabeth is chatting with everyone. She mentioned a book called “Elf on a Shelf” and recommended it to everyone. We ended up buying the book and using it this Christmas. We do love it.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck

Joy Behar
Joy Behar was obssessed with her Blackberry the entire time. She was also anxious to get on with the taping and we later saw her rushing to leave the studio to tape her show on CNN.

The View Stage 001

Sherri was very bubbly and friendly. I didn’t realize how short she really was. I didn’t think this dress was very flattering since it made her look unproporionate. She was quite funny and seemed the most real.

I was really looking forward to seeing Whoopi Goldberg.
Whoopi Goldberg
My friend, Janice, was able to see a taping of Oprah and she had mentioned how much acting is really involved in these talk shows. I had never really thought about it. I had always thought talk show hosts were just being their normal selves and sharing their personal opinions. When I saw Whoopi during the taping everything she did and said seemed exagerrated and somewhat contrived. She was very animated. I’m sure she was speaking her mind, but it seemed to me like she was acting as well.
Whoopi Goldberg 002

The guests on the show were Seth Green and Marlo Thomas. When Seth was being interviewed, Whoopi asked him about Robot Chicken. If you ever have a chance to see this episode, you can clearly hear Chris cheer when Seth starts talking about the show. I’m pretty sure Chris was only one of a handful of people in the audience who even knew what Robot Chicken was.

Chris at The View

Marlo Thomas was actually quite an interesting and engaging guest. She was very natural and you could tell she has been an actress for a very long time. She gave everyone in the audience a $100 gift card for Ann Taylor and a $100 gift card for Kmart/Sears. Not too bad! We walked away with a fun experience and paid $400 between the two of us for it.