Meet the newest member of our family: Nibbles

We got Meg a hamster for her 7th birthday. Her name is Nibbles. She’s a Fancy European Black Bear Hamster and reminds me of a Calico. She’s very cute. She eats lots. She plays lots. She’s still getting used to us. She really loves her Hamster Ball.

Nibbles 001

Getting to know her owner…

Nibbles 002

Nibbles 003

Nibbles 005

Nibbles 004

Post #42

Today Meg’s Kindergarten Class had their first real lunch in the cafeteria. It was a rehearsal for what they will be doing in September for First Grade. She had the option to buy her lunch, which would have been chicken nuggets. I was surprised to find out she was not at all interested in it, and instead wanted to pack her own lunch. Needless to say my child would have a Hello Kitty lunch bag and thermos, because anything else would simply not suffice.

Hello Kitty Lunch

I allowed her to choose her very first school lunch, and she chose a peanut butter and honey sandwich, some Goldfish crackers, some Mini Crunch Bars, and milk. It was quite an exciting day. She kept refering to lunch in the cafeteria as a picnic. 🙂

Post #36

I love bunnies, and I found these crackers at a local market:

Cheddar Bunnies 001

To be honest, they really didn’t taste good to me, but this is the part I loved most about this product:

Cheddar Bunnies 002

“Gently Tug Ears To Open”