The egg in the fridge

A Friend

This makes me laugh…but sometimes that’s just how it is.

If friendship is a two way street, why do I feel like I’m on a one way road? So what if you tell me you’re a selfish jerk? Don’t I know you by now? That’s not an excuse for being one.

Then when the opportunity arises to make better, it’s just as if it doesn’t matter…why bother, right?

Sometimes I wonder. Why do I bother? Really? Seriously, lol. It’s so ridiculous! Sometimes you’re just going to feel used. No way around it. We’ve all been there many times.

Someone once told me that if you’re not right in front of their face, they don’t think about you for even a second. Some people are just like that. Sad, but true and wise. Then there are times that you’re right there in front of them and you might as well be invisible!

So my friend, I understand how you feel! I really do. I could tell you that tomorrow is another day and things will be better, but I can’t promise it. Know you are loved. At least by me.

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