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Potato Pancakes

We like to go to Carnegie Deli for the great pastrami sandwiches and potato pancakes on a regular basis. I realize I can never reproduce their food, but I did manage to make some decent potato pancakes. I used some leftover mashed potatoes from our Not Thanksgiving Dinner and some very simple ingredients. They turned out yummy!

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Not Thanksgiving Dinner

I went to the grocery store on Monday, and on a whim I wanted to get some turkey and have a nice turkey dinner. I was thinking of getting a turkey breast, but all I could find was a honey brine turkey breast for $20. As I looked, I found a 12 lb whole fresh turkey for $15. It just seemed silly to buy the breast for more than a whole turkey would cost. That’s when it dawned upon me. So what if it’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas? That doesn’t preclude us from having a lovely turkey dinner with all the fixings.


As a result, tonight we had a NOT THANKSGIVING DINNER. During dinner we went around the table to say what we are NOT thankful for.

Chris was not thankful that he has to work tomorrow. Megan was not thankful that she had to go to school tomorrow. I was not thankful that I had to clean up after the NOT THANKSGIVING DINNER.  If we are going to be silly, we might as well be as silly as possible, right?



As you can see, the turkey turned out to be delish! Chris used an Oven Bag and it only took two hours to cook the whole thing. It was so juicy and tender. If you have not had a chance to use these bags, try them out. They are well worth it and very easy!

Oven Bags

Meg loved the turkey and mashed potatoes…


I’m so glad we had this dinner, and now I’m looking forward to turkey, cranberry and cheese sandwiches!

Post #42

Today Meg’s Kindergarten Class had their first real lunch in the cafeteria. It was a rehearsal for what they will be doing in September for First Grade. She had the option to buy her lunch, which would have been chicken nuggets. I was surprised to find out she was not at all interested in it, and instead wanted to pack her own lunch. Needless to say my child would have a Hello Kitty lunch bag and thermos, because anything else would simply not suffice.

Hello Kitty Lunch

I allowed her to choose her very first school lunch, and she chose a peanut butter and honey sandwich, some Goldfish crackers, some Mini Crunch Bars, and milk. It was quite an exciting day. She kept refering to lunch in the cafeteria as a picnic. 🙂